Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas Goodies :)

So the festive holidays are over now and everyone is returning to the general humdrum of everyday life. I'm dreading taking the decorations down on Sunday as I always get hit with the worst January blues when that happens. I spend so long decorating the house and making it feel festive and sparkly that its literally heartbreaking when it comes to taking it all down again and putting everything back in the loft... and the beautiful tree we picked out at a nursery early December will soon be confined to the garden where I'll look at it sadly and reminisce about it being covered in baubles and tinsel. Apologies for the nostalgia heavy sadness in this post, lets try and perk things up a bit! 

So, what goodies did everyone get for Christmas? I was very lucky this year and was incredibly spoiled by my parents and boyfriend. I got loads of things - lots of gorgeous clothes and shoes, loads of lovely ballistics and bubble bars from LUSH, a Wacom graphics tablet, lots of other fun things and of course... a hell of a lot of makeup! 

Eyeshadow palette that I've been lusting over - the one with 120 shadows that are all really good quality :), 2 x Bare Minerals foundations, Benefit Dandelion, Beauty Benefits Dual Effects lip pencil, Clinique Quickliner for eyes, Urban Decay primer potion, Urban Decay Oil Slick and Midnight Cowgirl eyeshadows, Urban Decay Rocks, Urban Decay Cosmopolitan Shot-o-gloss, Concealer palette with all different shades (some of the darker ones I use for contouring) and also (not pictured) Clinique High Impact Mascara and my absolute new must have favourite, the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette - which is literally the most amazing thing I have ever owned, I can't rave about it enough!

Here's a picture of my look on New Years Eve, before I went out - wearing the Urban Decay naked basics palette on my eyes and the Urban Decay rocks too (on the outer corners of my eyes) and the black sparkly fluffy shrug top was from New Look as a little pressie from my boyfriend :)

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New Years!! :) what did everyone get up to?

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