Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hello Again!! (and a new fringe, woo!)

Dear me it's been a while! I must learn to stop neglecting my blog!! 

I have so much to write about! :) I think the last proper post I made was from last year, when our kitchen ceiling randomly broke, fortunately that's all fixed now, it's funny how you take a ceiling for granted, haha, I was so happy when it was all fixed and back to normal :) 

I also have a fringe now! yay! I took the plunge and decided to get it cut in late last year. I then made the stupid mistake of trying to trim it myself leaving me with a bit of a weird wonky fringe, but then my lovely boyfriend treated me to a trip to an Aveda salon to have my hair cut all pretty and it's back to looking respectable now. I really love having a fringe, I used to have one as a kid but then I grew it out, and I have those really annoying little short baby hairs along my hairline, which I was always having to try and hairspray down... but now I don't have to worry about them.  
I've been spending a lot more time on my hair recently, ever since I got it done all nicely and seem to have invested in literally thousands of products! I'll make sure I review them all because some of them really are just awesome! 

So what's been happening in everyone's lives since I've been away from my blog? I hope you're all well!! :) 

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