Friday, 29 June 2012

Chelsea Doll!

If there's one thing I love it's cute and kitsch jewellery. I love statement bits and pieces that will make an impact and act as a conversation starter and I literally smother myself in jewellery (namely numerous silver bracelets that I've collected from around the world) and a big old statement necklace or earrings. I also have bazillions of rings that I've inherited from family members and I wear them all quite frequently too! 

Just before Christmas I came across my new favourite website, Chelsea Doll, and my boyfriend treated me to 3 necklaces and a big beautiful green gem ring (which I ADORE and wear basically every day!) here's my pick of the most awesome items currently for sale on the Chelsea Doll website - 


I absolutely adore these pocket watch style necklaces. I appreciate they're old news and everyone and their dog probably has one by now, but that doesn't stop me loving them! they're so dainty and eye-catching :)

This is one of the necklaces my boyfriend bought me and it's absolutely gorgeous! the colour is basically a rich bottle green and it hangs so nicely, definitely one of my favourite pieces of costume jewellery :)

I am a bit of a dirty rock'n'roller so I love anything with a bit of a punky rock vibe about it. These earrings are absolutely gorgeous and I love the multi-crosses, really gorgeous!

Ahhh I am so in love with this ring! I love anything related to the sea, so this is just perfect! :) and it's little crystal crown is just adorable.


How gorgeous are the shimmery blue stones in the birds? definitely an eye catching ring to add a pop of colour to your jewellery! I love this :)

What do you think of Chelsea Doll jewellery? have you bought anything from their site before? what are you favourite items of statement costume jewellery? :)

Oh, and btw - I've just created a new Twitter account for my blog. My old Twitter account is predominantly used for my radio show and networking with bands (who I don't think would appreciate lots of beauty and makeup chitter chatter!) so I thought it'd be best to keep the two separate :) follow me on Clarabeam!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

French Manicure NOTD

My oh my how hot is it today here in England? my room is positively sweltering, even with all the windows open and the fan blowing! I do find it quite funny how we all seem to spend all our time wishing for sunshine and then when it appears, we always get upset and say we can't handle the heat, haha. 

Anyhow, I gave myself a simple little French manicure this morning and thought I'd share the result with you. I use to have some little strips I could use to do the tips perfectly, but somehow I've managed to lose them, so this is all free hand (so please forgive the tips for being slightly on the wonk!) 


I used Nails Inc. Elizabeth Street (such a gorgeous nude shade!) and Nails Inc. Floral Street (I'm a tad obsessed with Nails Inc. right now I think!) 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pipedream and Sparkles

When I was younger I use to collect Urban Decay nail enamels like they were going out of fashion, I was absolutely obsessed with all the pretty shades and hues and made it my mission to own as many as I could.  Whilst going through some drawers in my dressing room I came across the beautiful Pipe Dream... looking a bit shabby and worn, but still very much useable. The shade is quite difficult to explain, it's a kind of creamy pale opal colour with shimmery mermaid greens when the light hits it at an angle. I decided to do a quick NOTD post featuring my old find and a bit of W7 Space Debris glitter! (oh and Lady Cottingtons Pressed Fairy Book!)

You can't get Pipe Dream anymore which is a shame, although I'm sure it could be found on ebay or another seller site! What's your favourite shade of the old Urban Decay nail enamels?

Outfit of the day! :)

The sun is shining and it feels like Summer has arrived here in England! so I thought I'd put together a little OOTD post to show what I'm wearing on this blissfully warm day. Forgive the somewhat bizarre pose! I'm terrible when it comes to taking pictures on a timer! hehe.

Black Straw Hat - George @ Asda (£5) 
Sunglasses - Miss Sixty
Dress - ASOS (Christmas present from my boyfriend :))
Handbag - Vintage
Tights - TK Maxx
Silver Platform Wedge Shoes - River Island

 Oversized Green Gem ring - Chelsea Doll (Present from my boyfriend) 
Sparkly Black Arm cuff - Boutique store

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Plums and Purples

Plums and Purples

Dolce Gabbana chiffon dress
£675 -

Antonio Berardi silk jacket
$1,175 -

Paule ka
£465 -

Steven by Steve Madden platform pumps
$103 -

Salvatore Ferragamo logo tote bag
$1,128 -

Hair accessory
$63 -

Friday, 22 June 2012

Experimenting with Nail Art

Recently I've become a bit obsessed with nail art, especially the 3D sparkly kind - with loads of embellishments and beautiful glittery bits and pieces stuck on for good measure! although the practicality of some of these designs are a bit dubious, there's no denying that they're incredibly beautiful and very creative. 
I thought I'd give it a try for myself with some little nail jewels I found hanging around in my bedroom and some glitter. I also made use of some eyeshadow to see if that would add to the effect too!

 1 - Nails Inc :: Elizabeth Street (Base colour) 
2 - Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink (Bright pink line) 
3 - Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry (Deep Red / Pink line) 
4 - Barry M Eye dust (16) for coppery bronze glitter accents 
5 - W7 Space Debris for large sparkles 
6 - Random unknown brand nail gems 
7 - Tweezers and a cuticle tool 
8 - Clear Top Coat

I started off by applying a pale nude colour (Elizabeth Street) as a base and then drew two lines in different shades of pink (Shocking Pink and Raspberry) across my nail. I then applied a thin coat of clear polish and dusted the eye dust over the top of it and then dipped the nail in the W7 Space Debris. Then, using yet more clear polish and the pink cuticle tool I applied the gems and more bits of Space Debris on the nail as well. 
The pictures don't do it justice as unfortunately my little point and click Nikon Coolpix isn't particularly good at picking up sparkles! but I'm really happy with the finished result :) I'm a bit scared of actually using my hands to do anything now out of fear of runaway gems, but they sure are pretty to look at :) 

Whats your favourite trick for doing nail art? do you have a favourite look? :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

In the summertime!

Evidently it's Summer! you never would have guessed by the drizzly weather we've been having (admittedly there's been a few hot sunny days dropped into the mix as well, so it's not all doom and gloom!) and I'm still yet to make it to the beach, even though I live in the East and happen to be surrounded by beautiful coastlines... I'm just going to blame the rain for keeping me away from the sea! :) 

When Summer does finally (hopefully) hit us here in the UK, I'll be donning a gorgeous bikini and lounging around in the sand and sea like a mermaid! until then, I shall have to make do with scouting the web for the best in swimwear and dream of jetting off to some tropical land where the sun shines all year round! 

Take a peak at my pick of awesome bikinis and swimwear - 

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