Thursday, 27 October 2011

Experimenting with hair

I'm one of those girls that loves to experiment with her hair but never really has the confidence to totally go for it, so I positively adore wigs. They may have a reputation for being itchy, fake looking and dated, but wigs are the best secret weapon for changing your look on a regular basis.

I always toyed with the idea of bleaching my hair blonde, but never really worked up the guts to do it... so when I found this sassy blonde wig floating around in a fancy dress store for £10 I was totally sold. Although it's cheap - it still fits like a dream and feels really silky and smooth. I even managed to fool a few friends into thinking I'd really bleached my hair. 

What do you all make of wigs? do you too appreciate the awesomeness of being able to change your look completely by just pulling on some different hair?

Life Updates!!

Yet again I accidently went on a blog hiatus! I've been up to so much it's been a dizzy whirlwind of mania! I now present my own radio show (Metal Mania) which is awesome because I've always been a massive fan of rock music and I'm relishing the opportunity to meet some of my favourite bands and get to interview them! (+ attending festivals and gigs for free is a major plus! :D) I'm also now working as a Digital Account Executive for a technical media agency in Suffolk and I'm loving it! everything seems to be falling into place in my life and I'm very happy :)

I promise I'll get some more juicy blog posts written up very soon! including some tutorials, OOTD & FOTD's and lots of other nice things and I'm very sorry for neglecting my blog for so long! naughty Claire!!!

For now, here are some pictures of when I interviewed bands backstage at this years Download Festival -

Me interviewing Duff McKagan from Loaded (Ex Guns'n'Roses)

Interviewing Dan and Ed from The Darkness

Interviewing Dan and Ed from The Darkness

Interviewing Matt and Joe from Evile

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