Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lingerie Obsession

I'm obsessed with lingerie, literally! I must have spent a fortune on my underwear throughout the years and could probably fund a round the world trip if I added up the price of the contents of my lingerie drawer. I'm one of those girls who is perfectly content wearing cheap as chips clothes but when it comes to whats underneath I never scrimp on my budget!

Expensive lingerie to me is the best thing in the world. It gives you such a mental boost and makes you feel super confident (which is never a bad thing if you're as prone to self doubt as I am) my love affair started when an ex boyfriend treated me to a set from Agent Provocateur many Christmasses ago. I'd always adored their designs but never dared to splash out the cash as I just didn't feel that it'd be worth the money. When I first put some AP on though I felt fantastic - it really does make you feel like a supermodel - all toned and perfectly contoured and super sexy!

Since then I've been collecting designer lingerie with a passion. I keep all my Agent Provocateur items in their original boxes to make sure they stay pristine perfect whilst not in wear. My Janet Reger things are all in a pretty lined drawer, La Perla items live in a cute little padded box and other gorgeous things are all kept in another special drawer. I am honestly a total geek when it comes to storing my lingerie! lol, but after spending so much money on items you definitely want to make sure they're well cared for! 

Click after the jump to see what's currently on my lingerie wishlist!

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