Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hello again beauty world! :)

I am such a bad blogger... no posts since August 2010?! naughty me! it's not even as though I have a good excuse... I wish I could say I'd been travelling the world in my own private jet but no, I've just been working my little socks off trying to get as much freelance work as I possibly can!

Everything is going well, my boyfriend and I have settled back into life in the countryside. We miss London very much but it's nice to be back where we grew up and have the freedom to wander around the countryside whenever we like. I think we'd both like to move back to London for another year or two when we're more settled on the career front, but we also want to save up to buy a house / get married / have kids - all that adult grown up stuff! so it makes sense for us to stick around here for a while and save up some money. 

How was everyones Christmas and New Years? I realise it's the very end of January now so I'm very late in asking! Mine was fantastic, it was really lovely to be surrounded by family and friends and see people I don't often get the chance to see. Dan spoilt me this Christmas and I got some wonderful presents off of him. He bought me a pair of sexy rocket dog boots (ones that have laced up sections at the front and bits of faux fur on them) some gorgeous wedge wellies (I'm always going to festivals and I never wear anything but heels, so wedge wellies are perfect for me!) he also got me lots of books and games and other fun things like that :) and as well as all that he put a bet on a horse for me and also surprised me with tickets at midnight on New Years eve to see one of my all time favourite bands (The Cult) live in Cambridge (I think I screamed the whole pub down I was so excited when he gave them to me! lol)  

We went to see The Cult on the 22nd January and stayed in a gorgeous hotel and I can honestly say it was amazing, I had such a great weekend! I've waited SO long to see The Cult live and they did not disappoint :)

Now that I've broken the ice and posted for the first time in nearly 5 months, I'm hoping to resume normal blogging activity and get back into the swing of things! I've got lots of reviews and outfits to post, so I'm feeling quite excited :)

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