Friday, 27 August 2010

This or That Tag :)

What has happened to the weather? it's absolutely horrible! I wanted to go get some of my favourite shoes re-heeled today but I hate driving in heavy rain so I think I'll leave it for a bit! 

The lovely Julie tagged me on her awesome blog (Musings of a Make Up Maniac) so to combat my boredom on this rainy Friday afternoon I thought I'd give it a shot :)

blusher or bronzer - blusher
lip gloss or lip stick - lipstick
eye liner or mascara - mascara
foudation or concealer - foundation
neutral or colour eye shadow - neutral
pressed or loose eye shadow - pressed
brushes or sponges - brushes

opi or china glaze - Opi
long or short - long
acrylic or natural - natural
brights or darks - I can't decide! I like mixing it up and going for bright vibrant colours one day and then dark ones the next.

perfume or body splash - perfume (specifically Lolita Lempicka :D)
lotion or body butter - body butter
body wash or soap - body wash
lush or other bath company - Lush all the way!! 

jeans or sweat pants - jeans
long sleeve or short - short
dresses or skirts - dresses
stripes or plaid - plaid
flip flops or sandals - sandals
scarves or hats - scarves
studs or dangly earrings - dangly earrings
necklaces or bracelets - bracelets (I always wear loads of silver bracelets from countries I've visited)
heels or flats - heels
cowboy boots or riding boots - cowboy
jacket or hoodie - jacket

curly or straight - curly
bun or ponytail - bun
bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins
hair spray or gel - spray
long or short - long
light or dark - dark
side sweep bands or full bands - Is that bangs? aka - fringe? I'd go with side swept :)
up or down - down


rain or shine - shine
summer or winter - summer
autumn or spring - spring
chocolate or vanilla - chocolate

I tag these beautiful bloggers :)

On another note, what is everyone up to this bank holiday? :) Dan and I are planning to curl up and watch a film with a takeaway tonight. Tomorrow we're heading to a party and then on Sunday we're hoping to go visit a stately home (I'm obsessed with stately homes!). Monday we might be going to a Camel park in Suffolk - very random having camels in Suffolk! lol. I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 


The Beautiful and Glammed 27 August 2010 at 07:18  

love your choices! Though I'm a girl for winter - love the layers :)

Great blog, we'll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.

Happy Friday :) xx

Sera Pie 10 September 2010 at 14:14  

How fun!

Such a cute blog, too!

Jennifer and Sherry 7 November 2010 at 14:20  

your blog is so cute! i like your "this or that" post! i was answering them in my head as I read it. haha

MODA GEZGİNİ 17 December 2010 at 15:32  

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