Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Supermarket sweep!

My parents have gone away on holiday so Dan and I have been playing house :) granted we lived together in London for a year but that was in an apartment in East London - significantly different from a countryside house surrounded by fields and trees. As much as I love my parents and get on really well with them, it's lovely having some time to myself again. The transition from living on my own to going back and living with my parents was quite a weird one - I feel as though I've reverted back to being a kid, lol. So yes, having the house to myself feels lovely! :) 

I just wanted to write a little post about some products I picked up in the supermarket the other day. Dan and I were doing a shop (I'm cooking for us every night this week... eeeek!) and I thought I'd treat myself to a couple of things. 

I've always really disliked Collection 2000, I used to think their products were cheap and tacky and didn't work properly... that was until I found a lipstick from one of their collections in my mums makeup bag and gave it a try. It was amazing, so I had to pick one up for myself :). I settled on Plum Perfection, from their volume sensation collection and it only set me back £2 in ASDA, total bargain! (check out all the shades here - Volume Sensation) I absolutely love this lipstick, it's amazzzzing. The colour is very vibrant and it feels very volumising on my lips, it also has a very moisturising texture. The best thing though is that the colour lasts for ages. Unlike most cheap lipsticks I've tried - which seem to rub off instantly, this one stays on for a long time. The pics below were taken after I'd applied the lipstick about an hour before (great coverage and wear for such a moisturising lipstick!)  


I also picked up the Collection 2000 shine away compact powder. I don't tend to wear powders much, unless they're Bare Minerals, but I thought I'd get some of this for nights out and stuff - when I end up looking sweaty and icky. I've used it a couple of times since I bought it and I'm really impressed. For such a cheap price this product really does work. It's also quite useful if you don't fancy applying foundation but want to give your skin a little bit of coverage as it seems to tone down any red patches on my face. 

The last thing I bought was Maybellines eyeliner-matic. I normally use Bourjois khol and contour but thought I'd give Maybelline a go as it's cheaper :) it comes in a plastic pencil type contraption and you just twist the liner up, which is handy. I wasn't too impressed on first use because it doesn't come out particularly dark on my waterline, so I have to draw quite a few lines until it looks black... but it does look good when I use it to line along my lashlines instead of liquid eyeliner - it gives quite a smudgy rock'n'roll effect (which I love :D)  

I'll do a post with pictures of the powder and eyeliner shortly :) for now I'll leave you with this strange picture of yours truly with some lilies! lol.


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Kat O 20 August 2010 at 11:24  

I recently rediscovered Collection 2000 and am loving their Lasting Finish foundation - it beats MAC's Studio Finish hands down for colour and durability, and of course, price!
Kat x

Claire Elizabeth 24 August 2010 at 16:32  

Ooo I'll have to give the lasting finish foundation a go! I'm desperately in need of some more foundation but I'm too skint atm to afford my normal brand. Thanks for the recommendation! :) x

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