Sunday, 1 August 2010

The quest for a Jolie pout


Almost every woman I know seems to be on a quest to find the perfect lip plumper, myself included! although I naturally have quite voluminous lips I still want them bigger and more pouty. I've tried numerous lip plumpers to try and enhance my lips further (and in turn, so has my mum, as her lips are quite thin) and I thought I'd review some of the products I've used and let you know how I got on :) 

Me wearing Too Faced lip injection gloss
 # 1 - Too Faced Lip injection
This is my ultimate favourite lip plumper, it works SO well and gives me a gorgeous bee-stung pout. I quite like the tingly effect it has on my lips, although some people might find it a bit too much. I normally use the clear version although I have tried a couple of the Technocolour glosses too (they're quite shimmery and have a wash of colour to them) it's very glossy and looks great over the top of any lipstick, or just worn on its own. I'd definitely 100% recommend this gloss if you're looking for a fuller pout, it does exactly what it says it will :)

# 2 - Bare Minerals Buxom lip polish
I used to work as a beauty ambassador for Bare Minerals when I was at university, so I quickly became addicted to their products. The Buxom lip polish is one of my favourite products - not only do they smell and taste divine (very sweet and sugary) but the colours are amazing and they really work to enhance your pout. My two favourite shades were Kanani and Trixie (Trixie is one of the most popular shades - a pinky tone with subtle gold shimmer, and we were always selling out of this when I worked on the counter) it tingles quite a bit when you apply it (not as much as the Too Faced lip injection though) and also cools and refreshes your lips as well as keeping them well moisturised and hydrated. 

#3 - Benefit lip plump
I normally love Benefit products but I wasn't particularly fond of this lip plumper. It's more of a primer, or a product to tone down your lipstick and give you a nude lip effect, rather than something that will increase the size of your lips. I felt no tingly sensation whatsoever and it didn't increase the size of my lips. It works well as a base for nude lips though as I said above, so I tend to just use it for that purpose.

What do you all feel is the best lip plumper on the market? :)


Effi 1 August 2010 at 10:46  

This picture of you is absolutly stunnig! you're so pretty!
lovely blog(:

I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Claire Elizabeth 1 August 2010 at 14:08  

Aww thank you :) x

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