Sunday, 1 August 2010

A OOTN post :)

I'm a bit of a night owl and so most of the time I only really dress for the night. Half the time during the day, if I'm not going out anywhere, I'll tend to just throw on something comfortable and practical in order to slouch around the house. 

I went to my local pub this evening (it's a great place - lots of friendly people and a really happy and warm atmosphere) obviously it wasn't really a dressy occasion, so I went for a casual look :)


The dress is from a boutique store called Pink Zip and I love it because it has a bit of a 60s vibe about it and it's quite clingy. The boots are from Rocket Dog (I LOVE boots, especially suede boots! I tend to wear them all the time, even during the summer, lol) I also just noticed I have a ladder in my tights, oops, pesky ladders! 

I'm so desperately in need of a haircut it's unreal. My hair is in awful condition right now, it's gone all straggley and nasty and no ammount of deep conditioning seems to be sorting it out. I think I'll be booking myself into a salon shortly!


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