Friday, 30 July 2010

My favourite items

My wardrobe is a treasure trove of random items, I find it tough to throw anything out so I still have all sorts in there, even my super sparkly prom dress from seven years ago! fortunately I have two bedrooms (a tad excessive perhaps, lol, but I have far too much stuff to keep in one room) and my second bedroom has a walk in wardrobe, so I keep the clothes I wear most frequently in there. 

I thought I'd document some of my most favourite items and tell you why I love them so much. 

This pic is from when I was 20, I'd been doing modelling since my mid-teens but I really love this one pic because of the dress :) I still have this dress and I don't wear it as often as I should. I tend to stick to quite muted colours normally (lots of black!) so I'm completely in love with this red dress due to the vibrancy of it, plus it makes me feel happy :) (dress from a boutique) 

This is a normal outfit that I'll wear to a gig or something. I'm crazy mad about wearing tights - mostly because I'm so pale my legs are like ghostly white. I love the boots I'm wearing here, Dan bought them for me for Christmas 2009 and they're so cute, they have buckles and things up the side and really high stiletto heels. (dress from Warehouse, boots from Aldo)


I am in love with the denim top and red shoes in this pic, I'll literally wear them any chance I get! The top is great for just throwing on for casual occasions and the shoes are so vampy - bright red satin with an uber high heel, can't beat them! :) (denim top - vintage store, red shoes - New Look)

These jeans are my absolute favourites, I wear them all the time. They're so 'me' it's unreal, lol. They're dark grey faded skinny jeans with studs all around the top (sort of like a belt, but actually part of the jeans) the AC/DC top is another staple item in my wardrobe, it's so easy to wear and just goes with anything :) (jeans - H&M, AC/DC Top - Amplified)


This is my safety net dress, I wear this whenever I'm at a loss as to what to wear. It's super clingy and quite short but can still be made to look casual. I actually bought it on a whim and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but it soon grew to be my ultimate favourite dress :) whenever I was at events for my previous job I used to wear it quite a bit and everyone used to comment and say how much they liked it. (Dress from Apricot, Boots from Primark)

This is my "princess dress" I absolutely adore it. As I'm so pale and I have dark hair, the bright pink really lifts my skin tone and makes me feel a bit less 'blaaaah'. It has a deep pink underlay and a slightly lighter shade of chiffon type material on top, so it swishes around when I walk. The silver platform wedges I'm wearing are definitely one of my favourite pairs of shoes too, they're so comfortable and great for hot weather. (Dress - boutique, Shoes - River Island)

Those are just a few of my favourite items that I thought I'd share with you :)


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