Friday, 30 July 2010

I wish I could live in the bath! (& a small face mask review)

I think I must have been a mermaid in a previous life or something because I'm completely unable to go a day without having a bath. I shower every morning without fail and even though it probably seems a bit excessive to have a bath every day as well as a shower, I can't help it, I'm completely addicted! 

Last night I had the most awesome bath known to man. I poured a cup of milk into the water (I'm turning into Cleopatra according to my friends) and used a strawberry facemask that smelt edible. Then I chilled out in the bath and read some of my new book (The bed I made by Lucie Whitehouse)

Montagne Jeunesse are well known for their face masks - they're literally in every supermarket and drug store, often arranged on a rack with loads of pretty eye-catching designs and titles that just scream out to be eaten (don't laugh! I've often been tempted to eat the fudge sauna mask!) 

I decided to try out the Strawberry Souffle mask this time round because it's summer and I love the scent of strawberries. This mask cost me 99p from Tescos which is a total bargain :). It applies like any normal mask, you just clean your face with plain water, dry your skin and apply the product to your face with your fingers. There's a lot in the packet so I applied it to my neck as well. The product claims "loaded with strawberry goodness which leaves skin hydrated and refreshed, allowing your skin to breathe with soothing aloe vera and calming vanilla for purified, toned, smoother skin. Cleanse with this treat weekly".  The mask smells divine, really fresh and packed full of strawberries and cream. I left the mask on for about 20 - 25 minutes whilst I relaxed in the bath and tried to resist the temptation to attempt to lick it off my face, lol. After I washed it off I could definitely feel a difference - my skin was a lot smoother and any dry patches had been eliminated, plus the mask has a lingering scent which meant I could still smell strawberries when I went to sleep, which was nice.

My favourite Montagne Jeunesse mask is still the fudge sauna one, simply because it heats up when it comes into contact with water and it smells AMAZING, literally amazing! but the Strawberry Souffle one is pretty damn good too and will do wonders for your skin if it's quite dry. 

What are your favourite face masks?


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