Thursday, 22 July 2010

Crazy hair! the perils of split ends

I'm a bit of a bohemian, I like things to be laid back and relaxed and my hair is a perfect example of this. I used to be a slave to my GHD straighteners.. until my best friend Becky trod on them, so I bought some more - desperate to maintain my sleek and poker straight mane, but after a couple of weeks she trod on them too., lol. After two pairs of GHDs being massacred by my accident prone best friend, I thought I'd see if I could cope without them. That was about 4 years ago and I'm still hair straightener free! 

My hair is naturally quite wavy and these days I tend to just wash and go, no mucking around with electrical appliances (to be honest I'm just too lazy!) but because my hair is so long now and I haven't had it cut for over 7 months, it's prone to looking quite frizzy and icky, which is where my hair life saving products come into play. 

Charles Worthington no frizz flawless finishing cream
This product is my ultimate lifesaver, where I used to rely on straighteners to combat the frizz, I now just smooth a little bit of this through my hair when it's dry and it leaves my hair feeling like silk - all the split ends are disguised and my hair looks sleek and shiny, yet still wavy and bohemian. It's no hassle whatsoever and doesn't leave a greasy feel which is always good.

Lee Stafford spray shine, shine head
I tend to spritz a little bit of this on after I've used the Charles Worthington finishing cream just to give extra protection against the dulling effect split ends can give the hair. Just like the Worthington cream, this spray isn't greasy and doesn't leave a heavy residue on the hair, it just leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy, but still lets me keep my wavy natural hair style.

Both of these products are fantastic and I use them pretty much on a daily basis. Without them I'd probably have to give in and purchase another pair of GHDs just to keep my hair looking healthy and gleaming. 


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