Monday, 17 May 2010

Festivals - the best things in the world!

Festival season is almost upon us and in celebration I thought I'd dedicate a post to talking about my favourite festival of all time - Download! :)

I first started going to festivals when I was about 12 - my first ever festival was Reading, and I remember my ticket only cost around £90 and the bands were pretty hard rocking. Recently Reading seems to have begun to cater more for the indie crowd and doesn't seem to have much hard rock on the bill... so Download is definitely the best festival in my eyes!

Download Festival is the child of Monsters of Rock, probably the best festival known to man. Over the past couple of years DL has been focusing more on classic rock and 80s hair metal, which means I'm a complete devoted fan! This year the three headliners feature one of the biggest bands of all time - AC/DC, as well as Aerosmith and Rage against the machine... it looks set to be one hell of a weekend and I'm so excited I could cry! 
Some of the things I really love about Download is that it's such a friendly festival - I've never had any trouble when I've been there and always met some really lovely people. It also has some of the best after hours entertainment of any festival I've ever attended - so I'm pretty much never bored whenever I'm there. 

It's only 22 days until this years Download and I'm SO excited. I can't wait to be back in those wonderful fields at Donington Park, rocking out to some of my favourite bands of all time :) I've seen AC/DC live before and they are ridiculously amazing on stage, so I'm looking forward to them returning to Donington, it's going to be incredible!

If you fancy checking out Download for yourself have a little look at the official website here - and check out the video below for an awesome performance from AC/DC playing Donington back in 1991! :D

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