Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring is coming!

Ok, maybe I'm a few days ahead of myself... evidently spring doesn't start till the 21st, but... I'm excited! I absolutely adore the spring, it's so nice to be able to wander around without a coat and not get frostbite and to see all the flowers starting to blossom. I also love the fact that it's starting to get lighter in the evenings, it happens so quickly - one minute it's horrible and dark and depressing, the next it's light and sunny and everyone is smiling - casting off their winter blues and radiating positivity, what's not to love? I get so excited thinking about it, it's all I've been talking about recently. Whenever my flat mates get home from work, I literally rush up to them squealing about how awesome it is to see the sun shining. 

This summer I have quite a few things I'm really excited about - I'm suppose to be going to America for a mini road trip (& finally heading to Salem hopefully!) with some family friends and I'm also heading back to Download Festival where I'm going to see AC/DC again and Aerosmith (amazing!!!! :D). Last years Download was phenomenal, so I can't wait for this year! 

However, I don't think any Spring / Summer will ever beat last years... it was just perfect in every way. I turned 21 and then saw loads of my favourite bands at Download, then headed to Bratislava, then as soon as I got back I went to see AC/DC live at Wembley, then after that I semi-moved to London... & then I went to Leeds festival and also another random little festival in Bradford, and then Whitby... all in all it was just an uber good few months.

So with memories of an amazing spring / summer still fresh in my mind, I'm welcoming this years offerings with open arms, come on S/S 2010 - I can't wait :D


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