Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My current loves...

The weather has been so beautiful this past couple of days - the sun always makes me smile and feel optimistic :). It feels like it's been cold and nasty for years, I think the ridiculous ammount of snow we had this winter didn't really help much! but here comes Spring, finally! :)

 Things I'm loving at the moment - 

1) My lovely flat mate / best friend Dan: 
Dan is a complete legend and I love him to bits, he's like a surrogate parent to me really and he's a fabulous cook! whenever I'm sad, he always has a plan to cheer me up and I'd just like to publically state that I think he's awesome. 

2) As mentioned before, the sun: 
YAY sunshine! 

3) Starbucks caramel lattes: 
Every morning I have to have one or else I self-combust.

4) Trips home to visit my parents: 
I actually rather miss them and their house and my cat and generally everything homely. I went back to visit this weekend just gone and found out they'd redecorated my second bedroom (I'm a spoilt brat so I had two bedrooms at their house, lol) and it looks gorgeous - all kinds of different shades of purple. I felt quite sad having to leave! 

5) Friendly people: 
Friendly people make me happy. I don't respond well to back-stabbing or bitchiness as I find it impossible to understand why anyone would want to be nasty. I always try and do my best to be nice to everyone, even if they're upsetting me. So yes, I love friendly people! and fortunately enough I seem to have encountered quite a few lovely friendly people recently all over London :)


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