Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lush lush lussssh

On Sunday my flat mate / best friend Dan and I went for lunch at The Dickens Inn down St. Katharine docks, and had some nice food. After we'd stuffed ourselves silly we took a wander around London as it was such a nice sunny day and we thought we'd try and make the most of it. Unfortunately for Dan, I decided to stop at boots and LUSH and buy a couple of things, which meant he was bored to tears, lol.

I've been a LUSHaholic for years, I distinctly remember being a poor student and still finding the money to feed my LUSH habit... I'd probably sell my kidneys if it meant I could purchase a few fizzy bath bombs!

This time, especially as I just left my job and have now got to budget, I managed to keep my shop below £25, not bad at all - considering I used to blow £200 in one go in there, eek! I bought the following lovely items:

Bath Ballistics
  • 1 x Hippy Chick (£1.85) Easter product
  • 1 x Honey Bun (£1.90) Easter product
  • 1 x Space Girl (£1.85)
  • 1 x Waving not drowning (£2.30)
  • 1 x Geo Fyzz (picture taken from the Lush website as I've used the one I bought) (£2.45)
  • 1 x Happy Pill (£2.95)
  • 1 x Avo Bath (£2.90)
  • + 1 x Vanilla Fountain for free (yay for the lovely Lush staff who like to treat us all to freebies) :)
Bubble Bars
  • Ma Bar (£2.45)
  • Sunnyside (£3.30)
  • Karma (picture taken from the Lush website as I've used almost all of mine) (£2.95)
    All in all this came to £24.90, not too shabby at all :), I can now relax in the bath without feeling guilty... apart from the fact that I've stolen my flatmates bathroom to indulge in my Lush addiction (sadly my ensuite only has a shower)

    In Boots I decided to buy a Celia Birtwell Kabuki brush as my BareMinerals one is in tatters after too much use. Sadly, when I got it home and tried it out, I realised that the brush was far too fluffy and soft to really work with mineral foundations (pretty much the only kind of foundation I'll use these days) so I'll have to find another use for it. It's gorgeous though! and the handle is so cute.

    I also bought some more Benefit Highbeam as it's my absolute favourite highlighter. It's amazing and really sculpts the face - allowing the light to hit certain areas, therefore giving the illusion of amazing cheekbones (who can complain about that?!) I'll do a little post demonstrating how amazing Highbeam is shortly.

    I'm now off to indulge in a gorgeous Lush bath, wahey for Wednesday mornings spent in the bath :) I have to wait for a delivery from the post man but after that I'm planning on spending the day chilling out in St. James park - it looks like it's going to be sunny again, yay :)


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