Friday, 5 February 2010

Recent treats!

January 29th was a fabulous day - PAY DAY!. January is always a terrible month, the come-down after Christmas is the equivalent of being told you can never see Sebastian Bachs beautiful face and luxurious mane of hair ever again (read: torture!). That, coupled with the fact that it feels like forever since you were last paid (and the horrible cold and wet weather) make for very miserable times.

This is why I chose to treat myself to a few bits and pieces come January pay day. I needed the pick me up and so I trundled around Selfridges and All Saints and picked up the following bits and bobs! :).

Please forgive my weird expression here, my flat mate (& wonderful best friend!) isn't the best photographer that ever lived, and he likes to take me by suprise when he snaps a pic! :-p.

Anyway, moving on... This dress is from Warehourse, I spent ages debating whether to buy it or not, but I've been loving the whole black lace trend and thought I might as well. I'm a huge fan of body con dresses and this fits like a glove.

Here I'm just wearing it with a pewter heart neckless I bought from a shop in my hometown about 6 years ago, and a pair of boots from Aldos (which my best friend kindly bought me for Christmas!).

I love the fact that I can wear this dress pretty much anywhere. I've already worn it to work with a pair of little shoe boot things and on a night out (I just wore it with bare legs and teamed it with some super high heels).

As I'm quite a rock chick I thought I'd try it with a studded belt I have, just to see what it looked like. The effect was quite cool, I feel like I should be in some 80s female glam band like Vixen or something!. (There's a random orb type glow by my knee... I hope this doesn't mean my flat is haunted? :-/ eek!)

My other purchase was a bit of an impulse buy whilst in Spitalfields market. I nipped into All Saints to have a browse (I'm so utterly in love with all their stuff!) and ended up trying on half the shop. I tried on a gorgeous black dress (yes! yet more black... I promise I do wear other shades too! hehe) and when I came out and looked in the full view mirror I knew I had to buy it!. It seems to accentuate my best bits and hide the bits I'm not so happy with, plus it gives me a fantastic bum! (always a plus :D). Obviously, being All Saints, it was a little on the pricey side - but I had to get it anyway.

It's made of a thin knit material and features little patches that look kind of worn and aged. It's really quite raggedy but still maintains a sophisticated charm. The only trouble is that it's a tad on the see through side. I'm not wearing a dress underneath it in this picture, but when I wear it out and about I think I'll have to stick a strapless black dress on underneath to save my modesty!... otherwise when I tell people I work in Soho, they won't believe it's in a nice happy office... (which it is) they'll think it's in some seedy little strip club, which isn't really the image I want to portray, haha.

Regardless of the see throughness, I still love this dress to bits and can't wait to wear it out and about as it's one of those "instant confidence fixes" - it just makes me feel happy and good about myself, and surely that's the whole point of buying nice clothes - to cheer yourself up a bit! :).

I'm wearing the All Saints dress with a pair of stupidly high heels from a random shoe shop in my hometown and a necklace I picked up from H&M for £1 (bargain!), and a pair of faithful black tights - my one staple item of clothing (I buy black tights on an almost daily basis - I wear them literally all the the time).

I also bought a whole bunch of other things like makeup and black cinnamon cigarettes (I fell in love with these in Europe but I've been unable to find them anywhere in the UK before, so I was utterly over the moon to realise Selfridges stocked them! YAY). I can't really fill my blog with pictures of cigarettes though so I won't bore you with that! hehe.

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