Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My ultimate cosmetic must haves!

I'm a complete makeup hoarder (as much as it pains me to admit it I actually have 2 makeup bags stuffed full of stuff, a big box filled with goodies from my days as a Bare Escentuals beauty ambassador and my amazing Urban Decay book of shadows 2) and for some reason I'm really reluctant to go anywhere without ALL my makeup, even though I know I only use a few select items, I just have to have it all with me... just in case!.

My die hard absolute favourite products would be as follows though (these are the items that I simply have to have with me all the time!).

Foundation is always a really tricky one for me as my family is Irish, so I have the whole ridiculously ghostly white pale skin thing going on, and it's almost impossible for me to find a foundation that actually suits me. Fortunately I found Max Factors colour adapt, and that's been doing the job for a while now. I just love how it effortlessly blends in to my skin and makes it look so smooth and flawless. I've never had any problems of it looking cakey or dry, it just feels like I'm not even wearing any makeup. I also adore Bare Minerals SPF mineral foundation (it just feels amazing on my skin and even helps to clear up any blemishes!).

I use to work as a Beauty Ambassador for Bare Minerals and so I got really hooked on their lipsticks. My two favourite shades are Bavarian Creme and Red Zin. Bavarian Creme is a really gorgeous nude pink colour which makes my lips look and feel super plump and smooth, it's a great colour for wearing during the day or when I want to tone down my look a little bit. Red Zin is pure drama - I love red lipsticks but I always had trouble finding one that really suited me. Fortunately I feel quite confident with Red Zin, it's just a gorgeous hue that really fits in with my pale skin and dark hair.

My favourite eyeliners would be Urban Decays 24/7 eye pencil in zero. I'm really fond of making my eyes really dark as bizarrely this tends to make them look bigger (bit odd considering dark colours are suppose to make eyes look smaller). It goes on really smoothly with no tugging, and leaves a lovely sharp line that can be easily blended to look softer. I also tend to use it in my water line, to make my lashes look thicker, and it doesn't irritate my eye at all. It's a total life saver :).

The best mascara in my opinion is Max Factors masterpiece in black. It lengthens my lashes to the end of the universe, no word of a lie!. The only trouble is that it doesn't tend to thicken them much, so I normally use another mascara on top to make my lashes really stand out. I really love the brush on the masterpiece mascara though, it also acts a bit like a comb as the bristles on it are just the right width apart to reach every bit of the lash. It's also quite cheap, which is always a plus!, and it doesn't have a habit of drying out (like most mascaras I've owned in the past).

Blusher / Face colour
I utterly love this product - Benefits Dandelion. It's just gorgeous. As I'm super pale, my skin always looks very washed out and most colours are too harsh for my skintone, so this pale baby pink colour is perfect. I just sweep a bit on in the mornings and it really lifts my face and makes me look more awake (& alive!). It's so long lasting as well, my last little box of it lasted for over two years. It's such a lovely shade as well, and really blends into the apples of my cheeks with a very very subtle hint of shimmer that draws the light to my face. I'd definitely recommend it for all you fellow pale girls out there!.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

GUM haircare

I started using this stuff called GUM, mainly because I came across it in Sainsburys one day and thought the packaging looked cute (+ it's super cheap and smells divine!) so I picked up a couple of products and they've made my hair look amazing!.

I have quite weird hair, it's rather thin and wavy and is prone to frizz / static. I've tried all sorts of products to try and tame it in the past but never really suceeded in my quest for non-frizzy perfection!.

The best product in the range is the Gum Hair Anti-frizz treatment. This stuff is amazing!. You leave it on for a couple of minutes after you've rinsed the shampoo out of your hair and it makes your hair feel really nourished.

Last night I decided to use it before I'd even washed my hair, so I just slathered it on dry hair and left it for about 30 minutes, while I sat in the bath and read a book. When I then shampooed my hair and used a normal conditioner on it, it was so silky smooth and shiney it looked as though I'd just come out of the salon, utterly amazing!. I could sing this products praises on an hourly basis.

It retails for only £1.99 if I remember correctly, and works so much better than most other (often more expensive) anti-frizz treatments I've used in the past. It works really well when you use it in the recommended way (2 minute conditioning treatment), but now that I've experimented and used it on dry hair and seen the results, I think I'll continue doing it that way.

What are your favourite hair care products? / ways to beat frizz?.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Oh, and this is what I look like!

I just realised that during introductions it's always nice if you can see the person you're talking to, so here you go... this is me!:

Terrifying, hey!

Welcoming myself back into blogging!

How on Earth do you start a brand new blog?... it kind of reminds me of going into school when I 7 years old after a particularly awful haircut (dodgy short fringe and all... thank you demon hairdresser from the early 90s!)... I feel awkward, shy and embarrassed!.

So... Introductions, that'd probably be the best way to go about this. My name is Claire, I'm in my early 20s and I live in London (E1 if we're going to be precise about locations in said city). I moved here about 3 months ago, from Ipswich, when I entered the world of employment after graduating from university. So far I'm loving it, London was always my city of choice and so to be living and working right in the centre of all the general hussle and bussle of London is a great feeling for me!.

I'm single and have been for the past 2 months (after quite a miserable break up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years who lived in Leeds... sadly me being in London and him being in Leeds for the forseeable future didn't seem like such an inviting thought, so we had to call it a day). I quite like being single though, so I'm going to try and stick with it... I like the freedom!.

I'm a bit over-excitable and passionate about anything and everything. I'm easily amused, but nothing really tends to hold my attention for that long (damn me and my Gemini traits!). My main obsessions lie within cosmetics, music (specifically hard rock, 80s hair metal and classic rock). I also love horror and comedy films and when I'm not at work you'll probably find me dancing the night away in some dingy little club with my best friend (& flat mate), Dan.

So anyway, that's the gist of me!. I'm hoping to use this blog to document my random day to day adventures and post any interesting reviews on products I've used (I'm a bit of a cosmetics and beauty junkie).

Now that the awkward introductions are out of the way, hopefully this blog will be more easy to maintain!.

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